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Sparky Corp. is a vibrant, innovative agency that will position your company to prosper online.

Your Unique Market

Your company is distinctive, and so is your market. You have a unique audience, and we can reach it. Let’s build an online presence that will bring visitors to your site and convert them into customers.

Powerful, coordinated digital marketing allows companies to find the ideal and bring them into the fold. Let’s develop a strategy to meet your market where they are and give them what they need.

Optimizing Your Online Presence

Today, all business is online. To capture that business, we use marketing funnels to collect the customers and guide them all the way to your front door. We will build your web presence to communicate trust, answer questions, provide information, and motivate web visitors with a solid call-to-action.

Start Your Journey

Here at Sparky Corp., we start your online presence with planning and design, always keeping your goal in focus. We combine our depth of experience, creativity, and tools to create a package that will attract new visitors and convert them into new customers.

One size certainly does not “fit all,” and what works for others might not work for you. In today’s marketplace, you need to be the solution for your web visitor and make their journey clear. Your website must be designed to attract visitors, communicate trust, and lead them to take the final step to becoming a customer.

Our Process

Digital Marketing Services

Our Work

Digital Marketing Strategy

Knowing where you want to go is the first step in any successful journey. This is especially true when developing your online presence. Do you need new customers or just higher-quality customers? How important are good reviews in your industry? How often do customers return to make a second purchase? These are all important considerations that determine the strategy.

Here at Sparky, we ask many questions about your business goals and how your customers want to interact with you so we can create a strategy to get you where you need to go..

Graphic Design

Our team of skilled graphic designers is here to bring your ideas to life, whether it’s eye-catching business cards, impactful door hangers, persuasive brochures, standout signage, or attention-grabbing vehicle wraps.

We get that every project is unique, and we’re all about tailoring our services to fit your needs perfectly. At Sparky Corp, we don’t just create designs; we craft experiences that connect with your audience and make your brand stand out. Partner with us to explore the possibilities of design, making your brand shine in today’s digital world.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the technique for getting to the top of Google search results. Google’s algorithm uses many factors to decide where to list your website. If you aren’t on the first page of Google, you don’t exist.

Google uses many criteria to determine where your site ends up in its search results. But the most important factor is how much your web visitors like your site. Do they visit often? Do they spend time there? Do they talk about it on other sites?

Google’s rules keep changing, so success in search engine ranking is a constant battle. Our SEO team is critical to the original site strategy and planning and to the constant competition for that first page on Google.


The words on your site give it a “soul.” The copywriting ties everything together. Entertaining copy tells your visitor who you are and what you are like. The copy needs to be so engaging that people read every word.

Clear, informational copy is important. But to build trust, engaging copy is critical. When you provide engaging copy, you instill this kind of trust.

If your product requires research, you need well-written answers to the most frequently asked questions. But if your product is fun or entertaining, the copy needs to read like a letter from a friend – with fun stories and entertaining anecdotes.

Our veteran team of copywriters has been providing winning copy for years. Here at Sparky Corp., our goal is to bring visitors to your site and then keep them there. Great copywriting is the music that delivers.

Website Management

We recognize the vital role a well-maintained website plays in your online presence. Our WP Care Plans ensure your WordPress site is consistently updated, from plugins to themes, reducing security risks associated with unmaintained websites.

Beyond security, regular updates enhance functionality and user experience. Invest in the sustained health of your online platform with Sparky Corp’s WP Web Care Plans—security, functionality, and peace of mind, all in one comprehensive package.

Online Advertising

Company owners who want to be more proactive in building their customer base often invest in paid online advertising. Venues such as Facebook, YouTube, Google, Instagram, and LinkedIn are ideal for some businesses. Online advertising can be a powerful tool for reaching out to new prospects.

Traditionally, online advertising comes with an adspend bill. However, there are many effective options without the adspend. Marketing tools such as cold email, reputation management, and video marketing are some examples of advertising without the adspend. Here at Sparky, we will manage your online advertising.

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