Our Vision

To Elevate Small and Medium Sized Businesses.

Our Mission

To provide innovative marketing solutions curated to your business goals that will ignite growth and streamline efficiency.

We’re Here to Help You Thrive.

Our team is passionate about creating effective marketing solutions. We provide tools, clarity and structure that enable your company to thrive in a changing digital landscape. Our strength is always going to be in the service you provide, and we showcase that by making you look great on the web and beyond.

As a business owner, you will excel when you have the time and support to focus on what matters most. Allow us to help with your company’s advertising & marketing.

Ready to take the next step toward business success? 

Kylie Jenkin, Founder

I’ve always had a passion for problem-solving & creativity. I spent most of my childhood in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, then finished high school & college in North Carolina. I graduated with a B.A. in Interactive Media and in the following years I worked as a WordPress web designer & SEO. Throughout my career, I always was freelancing on the side, so in 2017 I created Sparky Corp. to make it official.

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