Elements Of A Great Website

There are no shortage of companies out there that are willing to build you a website.  Many are good, some aren’t. If you are looking for a new website, make sure your new site meets Google’s best practices:

  • Attractive, welcoming design- Your website is your first impression to someone, so we’ll help ensure it stays graphically appealing over time.  The image your new website has affects perception of your company and it’s value in a market, so the difference between your site and a generic subsititue is a constant attention to the details.
  • Branded- Your website design should complement your logo, signage, and any visual elements associated with your company.  Consistent branding builds trust in your company, and brings all of your advertising & marketing efforts together under one design umbrella
  • Fast loading- While some “slowness” on a web page may be due to uncontrollable issues, poor technical framework can often be the culprit behind frustrating load speeds.  Some websites have images large enough to post on freeway billboards, and they load every time the site is visited. Having properly sized images, and minimizing unnecessary processes, keeps a site smooth loading on computers or mobile devices.
  • Lots of conversion elements- We define what we want your visitors to do, and we design the site around driving those behaviors.  Conversions are usually a phone call, purchase, email, chat, click-to-call or in-person visit, but it could be things like joining an email list.
  • Mobile Friendly- This means that all the words and images fit on any size screen without distortion or having to zoom.  With 50% of today’s web shoppers using mobile devices, it’s important that your site resolves quickly and clearly on any device.
  • Optimized for search engines–  The qualities of your website helps Google decide where and how you rank on their search queries.  Proper page structure, navigation, and metadata all play a factor in your local rankings.
  • Relevant, Fresh Content- Your content needs to be written as if you are writing directly to your customer, proving that you are an expert in your field. Google’s artificial intelligence programs can read and understand your content, and then compare it to your competitors.  There is certainly a “secret sauce” to writing content that makes you rank at the top of Google searches, while simultaneously convincing your prospects and customers to contact you or buy.  At SparkyCorp, we believe great content is worth it’s weight in gold.

We build all of our websites to meet our standard for the above website qualities and more.  Give us a call or send us an email to recieve more info!

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